Some are born leaders, some achieve leadership, and some have leadership thrust upon them. I belong to the third category. If I had my way, I would have just gone fishing for life, ignoring the dog-eat-dog world. However, in His great sense of humor, the Creator redeemed me from mundaneness and kept me on my toes.

John Maxwell says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” That is true. Then the question is, what makes a leader rise and falls? It is not skills, techniques, or strategies.  

I have discovered that “Every leader rises and falls on spirituality.”

A leader’s spirituality will determine their stress threshold, which is extremely important because leadership is a high-stress job. The higher you rise in the position, the more stressful the responsibility becomes. Stress is the main reason leaders fail in health, relationships, and mission.

That’s why I devoted my life to study Leadership Spirituality and teach everyone who wants to learn it.

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Rev. Dr. Sam Stone

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