E=mc² Equivalent for Leadership

We all know that Leadership is a HIGH STRESS position. In fact, every leader rises and falls on stress management. Some leaders fall on overt stress and some on covert stress. The overt stress is obvious, and it’s usually the stress of shame caused by Scoff, Sabotage, Setback, and Suffering. The covert stress is the subtle destructive force of pride that comes from Praise, Prestige, Profit, and Pleasure.

For thousands of years, according to the Chinese leadership sages who coached the highly effective kings and officers, these stress factors are known as the Eight Winds of Leadership that constantly assail a leader. The greater the leader the heavier the stress factors. It’s like the taller the tree, the more winds it has to stand against. So, what is the solution? How can a leader stand against the winds and, in the same time, be effective?

Surprisingly, like Einstein’s short and sweet E=MC² formula in physics, Laozi came up with a short and sweet formula for leadership known as WuWei (無為), often translated as “Do Nothing” or “Non Action.” A longer version of this formula is WuWei Er WuBuWei (無為而無不為), meaning “Do Nothing but Everything Gets Done”.

This well-known formula is often misinterpreted. Many leaders know about it, many scholars have wrote about it, and even a religion was built upon it. Yet, it is like a secret in plain sight, not many people have the privilege to understand it. Just as you need some knowledge on physics to appreciate E=mc², you have to be a leader to appreciate WuWei.

What’s amazing about this formula is that it’s not only about leadership stress management, but also about leadership success because this formula both remove stress and improve leadership effectiveness at the same time. It hits two birds with one stone because WuWei requires you to rise above your ego to fulfill a divine purpose. That’s why I call it Leadership Above Self. You will get a clearer picture of it as you read the whitepaper.

Just as E=mc² gave birth to the atomic bomb, WuWei powers leaders with irresistible influence and achievement throughout history and around the world, especially in a changing time like ours.

This wisdom of leadership is so important that I wish I had grasped it twenty years ago. I have shared my discovery with a few friends who are leaders and they appreciate it greatly because they found themselves thriving with increasing influence and decreasing stress. Now, I’m sharing the fruit of my research and discovery on a brief leadership whitepaper titled, “The One Single Secret Every Leader Must Know.” Please click here to get a copy.