Great Leaders Have More Than A Vision; They Have An Epiphany

It’s true that having a vision is what makes leaders different from the followers. However, heaving an epiphany is what makes GREAT leaders different from AVERAGE leaders throughout history and around the world. What’s the difference? Based on today’s interpretation, vision is an image of a future that comes out of personal desire, which can be very noble, but epiphany is a divine calling inspired from above.

The word Epiphany is from Greek (ἐπιφάνεια) that means “to appear,” often refers to a divine appearance. What Moses had was an epiphany, not just a vision. God showed up in the burning bush and gave Moses the calling to liberate the Israelites.

If we look at the biographies of the great leaders in history, we often find a moment of their encounter with the divine. A mere vision would not empower them to sacrifice their lives for a personal purpose.

January 6th of every year is known as the day of Epiphany, when Christians celebrate, depending on the type of church they belong to, the visit of the three magi to the Christ child. Let’s not get caught up with how many magi there were and what profession they were really in, which is a different topic.

What matters here is the magi’s epiphany came from a bright shiny star in the sky. That epiphany was a big enough reason for them to take the treacherous journey from the East to the Middle East what they believe to be a special child.

Many people might have seen the same star and ignored it. If you ask, “How can I have an epiphany?” the answer is simply, “Pay attention to what’s around you.” It’s also called “Consciousness.”
Leadership is a treacherous journey. Mere vision is not enough because vision is often attached to the ego, and an ego trip would not go very far. We need a divine calling through an epiphany because only an epiphany can make us forget about our self (ego), and become Leaders Above Self!