Six Stress Stripping Secrets of EASTER

He is risen!

BBC published a survey last year showing that a quarter of Christians in Great Britain don’t believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Rasmussen Poll also reported that only three quarters of Christians in the United States believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  So, it’s about the same percentage.

Some Christians just feel embarrassed to admit something that can’t be proven scientifically, but they forget that the majority of the scientists in the world are Christians.  Some people used the CSI method to prove that resurrection did happen.

I have a very simple way to prove to myself the resurrection did happen.  It is the calendar we use all over the world.  Today is April 21, 2019.  It indicates that it has been 2019 years from the time of Jesus Christ.  If resurrection did not happen, who cares about a poor rabbi from a poor town of Nazareth, who was crucified as a criminal at the age of 33?

Only some earthshattering event could put him at the center of human history.  Easter divided human history into two parts—BC and AD, or the politically correct BCE and CE.  Whichever you use, it still marks human history based on what happened on Easter.  There is no other single event that has made so big an impact in human history as the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Nothing comes close.

So, every time I look at the calendar, I see the miracle, and I believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Every time you put down your signature, you make a reference to his resurrection with a date next to your signature, even those don’t believe in him.  It’s a “You can run but you can’t hide” situation. 

Someone may run from the absurdity of the resurrection, but they cannot hide from the ubiquitous and powerful impact of Easter.  A reasonable person would have no choice but to embrace the resurrection of Jesus Christ just by observing this consequential impact that changed the world forever.

Some people might ask, “What does this big event in history mean to me then?  What’s in it for me?”  There are six life changing gifts you can claim from Easter.  Using EASTER as an acrostic, here are a brief description of these gifts:


Resurrection of Jesus Christ gives us a glimpse of eternity.  You will not see the world the same again when you claimed this gift. Life becomes extremely short through the lens of eternity.  All the complaints about life becomes trivial.  All the bickering and fights in our society become vanity.  All the stress and suffering of life becomes insignificant.  

It also means that your actions could have eternal impact because life just doesn’t end here and now.  The Bible says, “Those who believe in him, may have eternal life.”  It’s a stress reliever when you look at life from the eternal perspective.


There is a big advantage of belonging to a family with 2.2 billion members around the world.  Wherever you travel around the world, you will always find a brother or sister providing you with help and hospitality.  Of course, not every sibling is a friendly one, just like any family, but from 2.2 billion, you always have someone to lean on.  Evelyn likes to tell me about her trip to Mexico.  As soon as he found out that she was a Christian, the taxi driver was so joyful and too her to his home and introduced her to his family.

I have a few incidents in my life when I got stuck in a foreign country.  There were always some Christians who lent me a hand like a brother.

Most importantly, even in your most lonely state, you have the Creator of the universe as your parent for counsel and comfort.  You have an advantage as a child of God, and you feel like a prince or princess. 

So, claim this gift of Advantage because it’s a big stress reliever to know that wherever you go, or whatever happens, you are in good hands.  It gives you a sense of assurance and certainty.


Human beings are made to enjoy surprises.  Your life needs certainty to feel secure, but it also needs some variety to add some flavors to life.  Sometimes we need some surprises to have fun.  Children love surprises, don’t they?  Have you ever played hide-and-seek with little children?  It’s a lot of fun.  Even as adults, you hunger for surprises.  Otherwise, life can be quite boring and stressful. Surprises change your focus away from the stressful world.

Easter is all about surprises.  Mary Magdalene was surprised to see Jesus in the garden next to the tomb.  The disciples were totally surprised to see their teacher again.  Being part of the Easter family means you will encounter many pleasant surprises and miracles beyond your imagination, including many blessings in disguise.

Claim this gift of surprises and let your stress evaporate.


Easter did not just end with surprises.  It is life-transforming.  The disciples, who behaved like cowards hiding from the scene of crucifixion, were transformed into heroes that risked their lives to spread the good news of Easter.  Their transformation is a strong evidence of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  

The Bible says, “So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away; see, everything has become new!”  (2 Co 5:17).  When you claim this gift, you will have a new life, transformed from the state of a victim to a victor.  No stress will overcome you because your ego is crucified with Christ and you are living an egoless life.  An egoless person is not affected by stress.


Not only that your life will be transformed when you belong to the people of Easter, you will be empowered to transform the world around you.  There are many problems around us that you might feel powerless to do anything about, but Easter promised a gift of power to those who claim it.  Paul said, “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” (Php 4:13).

Recent statistics show that 90% of the doctor’s visit are for stress related problems.  Can you believe that.  Our world is overcome by a new oppressor called Stress.  You are empowered to make a difference in this world by delivering the good news to set people free.  In fact, when you have a calling, a life mission, you are less likely to be stressed out because your focus is not on yourself, but on a higher calling.


One of the sources of stress and suffering of life is separation.  We separate because of broken relationships.  We separate because of death.  We separate because of misunderstanding.  Because of Easter, we will all be reconciled and reunited in the presence of God and live happily ever after.  It is not a fairy tale; it is the truth.

Claiming this gift will relief all our separation anxiety.  Knowing that all relationships will be reconciled one day is a big stress reliever.  On that day of reunion, love has overcome hatred, peace has overcome violence, joy has overcome misery.

It’s not a wishful thinking.  Jesus Christ has paid a great price to make this happen.  He gave his life to end our stress and suffering. So, claiming him as Lord and Savior will get all these six gifts of Easter as bonus. 

This Easter, make sure you claim these six greatest gifts and live a stress-free life. 

Happy Easter!