I’m Sam Stone, the Lightkeeper – You are the light, and I’m the keeper! 🙂

Jesus said you are the light of the world. That means your life is never satisfied until you shine your brightest. Unfortunately, we live in a fallen world with dark forces to keep our light dim. So, you must habitually tune your light to maintain your peak performance state.

I’ve discovered that you need only TRHEE things to thrive in this messy world: IQ, EQ, and SQ. However, most personal development and motivational programs only superficially touch on these aspects of life.

Our new Spiritual Fitness program is simple, comprehensive, and effective in helping you attain and maintain your peak performance state for sustainable success without getting sabotaged by the dark forces of chronic stress, anxiety, and disappointments of life.

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Optimize Your IQ (Intelligent Quotient)

The state of your IQ depends on the way you breathe, eat, and rest. You may have a high IQ, but if you are undisciplined in the way you breathe, eat, and rest, your IQ will not perform at its optimal state. You will learn 3 spiritual disciplines: Consciousness (Breathing), Abandonment (Fasting), and Rebirth (Resting).


Optimize Your EQ (Emotional Quotient)

If you want to win bigger, you need to win with people. Your EQ is your currency to win friends and influence people. To optimize your EQ, you must refine your integrity, mercy, and purity of heart. You will learn the next 3 spiritual disciplines: Edification (Integrity), Forgiveness (Mercy), and Refinement (Purity).


Optimize Your SQ (Spiritual Quotient)

Your SQ infuses you with the meaning of life and resilience to sabotage. SQ gives you a calling to be a peacemaker, hope beyond this fallen world, and happiness even in trying times. Here, you will learn the last 3 spiritual disciplines: Enlightenment (Peacemaking), Endurance (Hope), and Gratitude (Happiness).



https://youtu.be/6x7z_XIZ_JM There is an Indian parable that is quite thought-provoking. It’s about a prostitute living across the street from a small monastery occupied by a monk. They can see each other from a distance through their windows. The monk meditates and prays daily. But, through his window, he frequently sees men entering and leaving her…

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https://youtu.be/uzVZcqym5Jg A native American village has a tradition of sending young adults, at about twenty years old, out to the world to fulfill their vocation and then return to the village to retire when they are old, maybe around sixty. Every spring, a new batch of energetic young villagers gather at the chief’s tent and…

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https://youtu.be/B7Xo35PY4dE If you love Chinse food, you must know a popular dish called “Dongopo Rou,” or “Dongpo Meat.” It’s a sweet, savory, flavorful, and delicious dish named after its inventor Su Dongpo. Su Dongpo was the Benjamin Franklin of 11th Century China during Song Dynasty. Like Franklin, he was multitalented. He had many inventions and…

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https://youtu.be/GU3FhCpB7JQ Zhuangzi, the ancient Taoist sage, told this classic fable: Once upon a time, a monkey keeper was in charge of feeding a herd of monkeys twice a day. He told the monkeys, “I will feed you three chestnuts in the morning and four in the evening.” All the monkeys got angry and protested noisily….

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https://youtu.be/dA-Z6MkyM4g According to Forbes magazine, the United States and China rank top with the most billionaires in the world, followed by India, Germany, and Russia. However, many wealthy Chinese people keep a portion of their assets in the United States. That means they don’t trust the stability of the totalitarian government. History shows things could…

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https://youtu.be/HijuMc-c58A I was browsing Amazon.com some time back and landed on C.S. Lewis’ book page, “Mere Christianity.” As you all know, that’s one of the most read books in the 20th century, and naturally, you see nothing but raving five-star reviews. I wondered if there were any one-star reviews and what they had to say….

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