I’m Sam Stone, the Lightkeeper – You are the light, and I’m the keeper! 🙂

Jesus said you are the light of the world. That means your life is never satisfied until you shine your brightest. Unfortunately, we live in a fallen world with dark forces to keep our light dim. So, you must habitually tune your light to maintain your peak performance state.

I’ve discovered that you need only TRHEE things to thrive in this messy world: IQ, EQ, and SQ. Over two decades of research and experiments, I have discovered a highly effective process of self-cultivation to self-actualization by optimizing one’s IQ, EQ, and SQ.

Our new Spiritual Fitness program is simple, comprehensive, and effective in helping you attain and maintain your peak performance state for sustainable success without getting sabotaged by the dark forces of chronic stress, anxiety, and disappointments of life.

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Optimize Your IQ (Intelligent Quotient)

The state of your IQ depends on the way you breathe, eat, and rest. You may have a high IQ, but if you are undisciplined in the way you breathe, eat, and rest, your IQ will not perform at its optimal state. You will learn 3 spiritual disciplines: Consciousness (Breathing), Abandonment (Fasting), and Rebirth (Resting).


Optimize Your EQ (Emotional Quotient)

If you want to win bigger, you need to win with people. Your EQ is your currency to win friends and influence people. To optimize your EQ, you must refine your integrity, mercy, and purity of heart. You will learn the next 3 spiritual disciplines: Edification (Integrity), Forgiveness (Mercy), and Refinement (Purity).


Optimize Your SQ (Spiritual Quotient)

Your SQ infuses you with the meaning of life and resilience to sabotage. SQ gives you a calling to be a peacemaker, hope beyond this fallen world, and happiness even in trying times. Here, you will learn the last 3 spiritual disciplines: Enlightenment (Peacemaking), Endurance (Hope), and Gratitude (Happiness).



There once was an evil dragon living on a high mountain. Every now and then, it would come down to burn the farms and destroy the villages. Every time a warrior went up the mountain to kill the dragon, they never returned. People assume the dragon killed the warriors. One day, a young man decided…

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I am sure all of you have heard in the news that Apple launched the Apple Vision Pro, their first VR, AR, MR (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality) headset. It’s all over the news, so I wonder how many of you have bought it. I think it’s overpriced, so I am staying with…

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Looking at a pile of correspondence and reports from around the world to review and respond, an emperor of ancient China felt overwhelmed and couldn’t concentrate on his work. He wanted something to calm his mind down to get his work done. He consulted the prime minister for a solution. The minister suggested hanging a…

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A friend told me that there are three levels of authority. Generalist Authority, Specialist Authority, and Celebrity Authority. Using doctors as examples, a Generalist doctor has an average authority and charges what average doctors charge. A Specialist could charge you much more because they have more authority in their fields, and people trust them more…

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Let me start with another provocative parable of Zhuangzi, my favorite philosopher of the 4th century BCE. There once were three emperors who were good friends. One ruled the Southern Sea, another the Northern Sea, and another the Middle Kingdom. The emperors from the north and the south occasionally gathered in the Middle Kingdom to…

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I want to begin with a provocative parable by the great philosopher Zhuangzi. Once upon a time, a man named “Mr. Knowledge” traveled north to the territory of the sages to seek an epiphany of the Truth. He encountered a sage named “Mr. Actionless Wordless” and asked the following three questions: “How do I think…

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Only a cultivated life bears fruit;
Only a fruitful life is worth living!