I’m the Lighthouse Keeper that You Might Want to Know!

Sam Stone

Hi, I’m Sam Stone.  People call me the Lighthouse Keeper because of a revealed secret of my past.

Here’s how it goes:

I was studying in San Francisco many moons ago and I was looking for a summer job.  I searched the classified section of the campus news and was pleasantly surprised to see a job posting with a bold two-line title:


Yes, I was new in this country and English is not my mother tongue.  Furthermore, I was always fascinated by lighthouses.  I knew it was my dream job for the summer, thinking I could climb to the top of the lighthouse and do my summer readings after work.

I picked up the phone and dialed the number.  An elderly lady picked up the phone and she seemed to be surprised to hear from a man applying for the job.  “Let me tell you what we are looking for.  My husband and I are getting old and we need someone to help us with some light housekeeping.  If you are interested, you can come over our house and take a look.”

I took another glance at the advertisement and had to apologize, “I’m sorry mam, I thought it was a lighthouse.”  I hung up the phone and couldn’t stop laughing at myself.  My roommate came back and I told him about it, and he literally rolled on the floor laughing out loud for the entire evening.  The news spread and I was nicknamed the Lighthouse Keeper!

In fact, the story turned out to be a metaphor for what I did become years later—a pastor.  Pastor means shepherd, but I don’t want to see people as sheep because sheep are weak, short sighted, and often quite stupid.  I understand Jesus has compassion for them, but he also said, “You are the light of the world.”

I prefer to see people as walking lighthouses, with a potential to change the society with their God-given gifts.  With proper tender loving care, every human being can be a powerful lighthouse that can penetrate the darkness of this world.

Today, I take care of the walking lighthouses like you, making sure your windows are clean and your light beam is optimized to shine far and bright.

If you are struggling with a dim light of your spirit, if you feel you are not reaching your potential, if you want to shine bright and far, I am happy to help you.  Just shoot me an email or click on the contact me link.  We can arrange a conversation together to see if I can serve you with your situation.

Life is never satisfied until we fulfil our calling.  You are reading this page, and you enjoy my story. You have a calling to fulfill and you can surely use me as a coach, shepherd, or lighthouse keeper to help you fulfill your dream.

Contact me, and let us talk soon!

Rev. Dr. Samuel Stone
The Lighthouse Keeper